Art class sessions

Art class sessions are aimed at improving creativity, mental peace, and reducing anxiety for individuals of all ages.

Target Audience:
  • Kids
  • Seniors
  • Groups (e.g., retirement homes, day care, early years education, birthday parties, adult wine parties, get-together parties)

 Session Structure:

  • Duration: Each session will last between 90 to 120 minutes.
  • Class Size: A minimum of 10 students per session.
  • Location: Sessions can be conducted at various locations, including retirement homes, day care centers, or private residences.
  • Materials: Students will pick a art kit of their liking from The necessary art materials will be provided by us.
  • Instructor: A skilled art teacher will accompany the session to guide students through the artistic process.

Session Process:


  • Interested parties can book a session through our website or by contacting us directly. Contact 
  • Specify the preferred date, time, location, and the number of participants.

Material Selection:

  • Students will choose a art kit from prior to the session.
  • Kits can be customized based on individual preferences and skill levels.


  • Our team will ensure all necessary art materials are prepared and transported to the session location.
  • The instructor will familiarize themselves with the selected art design and any specific requirements.

Session Day:

  • The instructor will arrive at the designated location prior to the start time.
  • Students will be greeted and provided with their selected art kits and additional materials.


  • The instructor will commence the session by providing an overview of the artistic process.
  • Students will be guided through each step of creating their art, with individualized assistance as needed.
  • The instructor will encourage creativity while ensuring each student's satisfaction with their artwork.


  • Upon completion of the session, students will have their finished art to take home.
  • The instructor will collect feedback from participants to ensure satisfaction and improve future sessions.

Subscription Model:

  • We offer a subscription model for monthly sessions tailored to retirement homes, day care centers, and early years education.
  • Subscribers can choose from a variety of designs , mediums, and items for each session.
  • This model provides consistent engagement and promotes the benefits of art therapy over time.


  • Stimulates creativity
  • Promotes mental peace and reduces anxiety
  • Encourages physical creativity, reducing screen time for children
  • Provides a social and enjoyable activity for all ages
  • Suitable for various group gatherings and events
  • By following this process, we aim to deliver enriching art experiences that contribute to the well-being of our participants across different age groups and settings.